Behind the Scenes

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Behind the Scenes of THE CAVE:

Production Notes:

‘The Cave’ consists of thousands of high-resolution still photographs, which come together to bring this 3-minute stop-motion animation to life. Animator John Grigsby created the set and characters by hand. Each time a character made a movement, their feet had to be re-screwed to the set. The actual shooting took over 3 weeks and was produced in Boulder, Colorado. The lighting was achieved by use of candlelight and a fire that burned at the back of the set.


Meet the crew:

John Paul Grigsby (Animator)

John Paul Grigsby is a Denver-based animator, film producer and musician. His short films and music videos have been featured in Paste Magazine, Folk Alley, The Trusted Ear and hundreds of film festivals around the world. One of the animations he worked on for Bullhead Entertainment, ‘The Cave,’ is used for educational purposes within various college courses.

Grigsby is also a musician who performs and records regularly. He is known for touring with blues musician Otis Taylor and the North Carolina band, Mandolin Orange. John is currently touring and recording as the bassist with Gregory Alan Isakov.


Timothy Schultz (Producer)

Timothy Schultz is an author, filmmaker, and founder of the Mile High Horror Film Festival as well as Bullhead Entertainment, LLC. Learn more about Timothy and his work at